Friday, July 16, 2010


When the kids and I were at the lake,
there was a family there that left shortly after we arrived;
a mom, dad, and little boy apparently named Gavin.

How do I know he was named Gavin?
'Cause they said it like a bajillion times as they were trying to get him
to do what they wanted him to do.

Little Gavin throwing sand?

Straying too far from Mom and Dad?

Packing up beach toys...getting ready to go:

Little Gavin running in the opposite direction?

Mom and Dad, hands full, ready to go to the car, little Gavin runs away and back to the water:

Mom, Dad, and Gavin starting to cross the road to get to their car, Gavin runs out ahead into the road:

My point?
Never once (that I heard) did they tell Gavin what they wanted him to do.
They only yelled his name.
Not, "Gavin--stop throwing sand."
Not, "Gavin--that's too far away from Mommy and Daddy...come back now."
No "Gavin, time to pack up our toys and head for home."
No "Gavin!  You must not run away from Mommy."

My observation was that they were not going to train this little boy...yet they expected him to know what they meant, just by yelling his name.

Aaannnd why did I notice all of this?
Oh yeah...'cause I used to do the same thing.
And still do sometimes.
It's an easy trap into which to fall.

It's something I've been working on lately.
Say the child's name AND what you expect to have happen.

I guarantee you'll have better results.

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  1. It seems we all seem to do this, sometime more often than we would like to admit. THanks for sharing. :)


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