Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Now I Get It

Now I get it.
Or, well...Ivy got it.
Another tooth, I mean.
Yes, another tooth.

This baby turned 4 months old last week.
She got her 1st tooth the week before that.
Her second popped through yesterday.
This is by far the earliest any of my children have gotten teeth.

I had an appointment yesterday for which I had to run to town.
Ivy, of course, came with me.
When we came right back home,
she was still sleeping in her carseat--which she typically does not like.
So I brought the carseat in with me,
she stayed sleeping.
And stayed sleeping.
And stayed sleeping.
 And stayed sleeping.
She hasn't been such a great napper the last week or two.
And she is usually takes a few good naps throughout the day.
I hadn't even really chalked it up to teeth.
She took a reallllllly long nap.
I kept checking on her,
and then the thought occurred to me:
I bet her tooth came through.

And sure enough,
when she awoke,
it had.

The drooling, the fussing, and finally the looooooooooong nap--
Now I get it.

1 comment:

  1. WHat a DOLLY!! How did she grow up so fast? Delaney still has no teeth...she would be my one that has gone the longest with out any. Think of you often!!


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