Monday, July 5, 2010

Slingin' Babies

I haven't spoken much about my passion for baby wearing.

And I would have, see, if I wasn't so vain about posting a picture of myself wearing my babies.

I've had one of the children take a picture now and then, but I haven't liked them well enough to post on my blog for a visual for you, my reader.
All four of you.
(Just kidding.)

But, my vanity has since waned a bit.  And I decided to post a picture or two...and a couple links.

I have both a sling and a wrap.  My sling I bought before Ruby was born.  I bought my wrap just before Ivy arrived.

I love love love them both!

My sling is a lite-on-shoulder closed-tail hybrid ring-sling.  A mouthful I know.  I bought it here.
My wrap is called a Sleepy Wrap and I bought it here.

Here is a picture, taken at Easter time by my sister-in-law, of brand new Ivy in my sling with Ruby lovin' on her.

 And now, a picture of Ivy in my wrap:
Now, were I to compare the two--oh, wait--that's what I was going to do.
So here goes:

easy to put on
easily adjusted
LOVE the fabric pattern
light weight

more "work" to put it on.
not as easily adjusted
I think it holds baby more snug--perhaps feels "safer" when you carrry baby in it, particularly when baby is brand new.
fabric is not as light as my sling--but in the fall/winter this is a good thing.

I have also done a "homemade" version of the wrap.  I found the instructions on line.  They really aren't instructions so much, because it's simply a length of fabric.  And the "made" part of homemade is sort of a misnomer because there is no sewing involved.  The only cutting has to be done by the lady at the fabric counter.

I wish I had worn my other babies--I didn't start until Ruby.
I love that they can be with me, and not always in the plastic seats...we do too much "plastic mothering" in our culture.

Babies that are worn have much less fussy time, too.

I also think it eases their transition from the womb.  They are all snug and tight inside Mommy and then they are born and suddenly they aren't so cozy anymore! Staying snug with Mommy make for one happy baby!

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