Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Happy Birthday 
to the man whom I have loved
since I was a girl...
my husband of nearly 14 years,
the father of our 8 children.

The man who isn't afraid to do this:
 And who writes me love notes in manure:


  1. I think it's sad that there are people who think their choices and world views are the correct ones and can't see outside their own "box". The Lord has a different plan for all of his children and His plan for you is to stay in the area you grew up and raise children to know Him and love Him. Also--If you and Dennis weren't living there the farm might have been sold to a (gasp) STRANGER, and I can't imagine a STRANGER living in the house I grew up in!

  2. If pictures say a thousand words then these two speak VOLUMES! How unbelievably sweet your sentiments and blessed your family. Thanks for posting and happy belated birthday to Dennis!


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