Monday, July 19, 2010

Is it sad?

My husband has had the same phone number 
his whole life.

He's never moved--
unless you count from the front yard 
to the back.
(His parents built this house behind their existing
house when he was 8, then the old house
was moved off the property.)

Oh, and he did go to college for a short time
and so lived in a dorm.

My parents moved to the house where they live now
when I was six months old.
We moved off the farm in the fall of 1995, 
after my dad sold his cows  in February of that year.

Dennis and I were married in September of 1996
and my parents moved back to their original farm in November.

My point:  we've never lived anywhere else.
I think it's neat,
but I recently had a conversation with someone who said,
"that's pretty sad..."

What do you think?
Is it sad that neither of us have left the area where we grew up?

This person implied that she hoped we had bigger dreams for our children
than what we had done with our lives.

The dreams I have for my children 
don't include the location of their house.
They include things like
strong character, a growing relationship with the Lord,
humbleness, joy, discernment, a love of learning---
these are the things that matter to me.


  1. I would never say it is sad you have stayed in the same area you grew up. I think I understand what that person was saying somewhat, but the way they said not so much. I'm all for traveling and seeing different places, but if home is where you want to be then why not? It is all up to each person to decide what and where they want to be.


  2. Diane left this comment on the birthday post, but I assume she meant it for this one, so I've cut and pasted it here:

    I think it's sad that there are people who think their choices and world views are the correct ones and can't see outside their own "box". The Lord has a different plan for all of his children and His plan for you is to stay in the area you grew up and raise children to know Him and love Him. Also--If you and Dennis weren't living there the farm might have been sold to a (gasp) STRANGER, and I can't imagine a STRANGER living in the house I grew up in!

  3. I view that as a blessing not sad....who are these people you are talking to? They need to open their minds to simplicity....What a neat legacy to give to your children. Your parents home...your home...your kids home....its all good!!

  4. I forgot to say before that from the second I left Moorhead to move out to Delaware after we were married, I knew I was meant to be back here. Corey and I both felt out of place not being near our families and friends.


  5. Thanks for catching my mistake--Right after I submitted my comment I said to myself--"huh, I wonder if I replied to the correct post" guess I didn't!

  6. Our house is 140 years old, and my daughters are the 6th generation of my family to live in this home, on this farm. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I think it's sad when families don't have a place to call "home"... who think nothing of moving every few years and think moving "up" is always better. There's something to be said for a home that has generations of memories in it.


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