Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Way I See It

On my walk, I have quite a view.
I love the quiet, the fields, the birds, the morning sun...

I doubt very much if I could live in a town, much less a city.

How do "town folks" do it?

Do they crave people the way I crave wide open spaces?


I decided to take a panoramic shot of what I get to walk in each morning.

For your viewing pleasure:

Country living.  Ahhhhh.


  1. I fully enjoy living in the city, but crave to someday live somewhere outside the city. When we spend time up at the hunting cabin in the Beltrami State Forest, grandpa and grandma's farm, or a lake I am so at peace. So, yeah, once the kids are grown we plan to move somewhere outside of town. I wouldn't miss all the people. Right now I would miss everything, but not later.


  2. I may like the views you have (I grew up with them :)) but I like being anonymous in a larger town/city!

  3. ok...miss over-achiever..=) How on earth do you find time to walk? I would have a train following behind life is the best. A blessing that is for sure!!

  4. that's MRS Over-achiever...and I find time,all by myself, very early in the morning. most mornings, that is...

  5. I like the early morning idea but its that darn bed that just keeps me stay put.....


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