Monday, July 12, 2010

The Lake

We live about 10 minutes from a number of lakes.

The kids love to go and I love to take them!
We had the beach to ourselves.  I LOVE that.  It's harder to keep track of my tribe when it's full of people.
jumping off the dock
Ruby loved the waves

Ruby showing Mama a rock.  Or something.
One of my favorite pics of the afternoon.
Except for my Incredible Hulk shadow.
My other favorite pic of the day.
Elijah went to get his towel.
The sun was shining through a cloud, 
the flag billowing,
and Elijah looking like a superhero.
Love it.
The Bipper got a little cold...
He warmed up later, though.
Building sandcastles OF COURSE!
Linnea and Andrew talkin' on the dock.

and so do they.


  1. I can't wait until we have a day to come enjoy the lake with you!!!! It WILL happen before summer is over!


  2. Love this!! What special memories. I am soo impressed that you remember to catch them and post them!! How did Bipper get his nickname?

  3. Tami--can't wait!
    Kim--ooohh, a blog post idea! Look for it to come...How the Bipper Got His Name. =)

  4. Cute pics! What lake is this? The sand looks great and the water looks so blue!! How fun!


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