Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun with a Pharmacist

Sometimes it's fun to see people's reaction when they take in my, shall we say, youthful appearance, combined with the number of children I have.

Tuesday afternoon was no exception.

I was standing in line at the pharmacy counter, waiting for my prescription to be filled.

I happen to know the main pharmacist, and she was handing my package to another pharmacy worker to bring out to me. (I could observe all this through the giant windows they have in their raised area behind the counter. So, you know, people can tell if they were mixing all the drugs correctly or not.)

The pharmacy tech. looks at the package, looks out to me, looks to the pharmacist that I know with a questioning look, says something that looks like "that lady over there???", to which the pharmacist that I know responds with a nod and a giggle, and the pharmacy tech looks again and says, again quite apparently, "that one--right there???", to which she gets another "yep" from the pharmacist that I know.
("Yep" is a term in Minnesota that means "yes" or "that's affirmative".)

Would you like to know what was in my package?
A pair of compression stockings, perhaps more commonly known as TEDs, or varicose vein stockings, to help with my varicose veins. I have them because of the many pregnancies the Lord has blessed me with. (If you decide to follow the link to see what a varicose vein is, rest assured mine are nowhere near as bad as the poor guy's in the picture...)

Ok, so why do I find this so funny???
Probably because most of the prescriptions they fill for TEDs are for people who are much older than me. My guess is this small-town pharmacy doesn't fill too many scrips for women in their 30s for compression stockings.

I also find this funny because I am, quite obviously, easily amused.
Thank you.

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