Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Room by Room

Living room----check.
My bedroom----check.

As may already you know, I've been cleaning a lot lately.

And I am nearly done. I have two rooms left to go.

Each spring and again in the fall, I make a list of every room in our house. And I mean every room. My list looks something like
1. living room
2. upstairs bathroom
3. downstairs bathroom
4. front entry
5. laundry room
6. den (which we in reality so technically refer to as "the downstairs")
7. lower entry
8. hallway
9. my bedroom
10. Ruby's room
etc., etc., etc.

I then go down the list and C-L-E-A-N those rooms.
I don't go in order, but you could, seeing as I have no jurisdiction over what you do in your home.

Sometimes I have "assigned" myself a date to clean each room. If I know we have somewhere to be on a certain day, I would maybe only decide to clean the hallway that day as it would be a much shorter job than, say, the kitchen.

I save the kitchen, living room, and the downstairs for days when I have all day.

The type of cleaning I accomplish with this list is the real deep cleaning like pulling out furniture to vacuum behind it, washing woodwork, washing walls, vacuum out the furniture, and picking up endless bits and pieces of everything, it seems. In the kitchen, I pull out the appliances and wash under/behind them, the top of the fridge, the cupboard doors--you get the picture.

And when I'm done with the room, it's such a good feeling to know it is really clean!

Some years, it only takes me two weeks to go room by room, averaging a room or two a day. Other times it has taken much longer. Like this year. I still have two rooms to go, and I think it will have been more like four weeks until I am ALL done.

Of course, those rooms I cleaned two weeks ago are already messy again. It's not like a once and for all type thing. But at least I know that I cleaned them, and they are only messy and not so dirty.

It is a great time to declutter and rearrange furniture, too.

So those are some of my thoughts on cleaning and keeping a house.

The end.


  1. Could you send some of that motivation my way!? I could use it! Oh and, how do you wash walls? I noticed in our bedroom that the walls looks dusty, and I tried to wipe them off, but now they look streaky.


  2. Tami--
    I LOVE Murphy's Oil Soap for all of that kind of washing.

    Though I typically use a wet cloth, I have sometimes used a mop to do walls.

  3. I also LOVE Murphy's Oil soap. That is what I use on our floors, and woodwork. I don't know about painted walls though.


  4. I have used it on painted walls many times and haven't had a problem.
    But you are the painting expert, not me--that's for sure!

  5. Girls what the heck is Murphy's Oil Soap? I have never washed my walls or windows. I am a LOSER!

  6. HA!!
    Bonnie, your honesty makes me laugh.
    Have you ever heard about the trick to make your husband think you have started supper when you haven't is to saute an onion??
    Murphy's Oil soap could be that way for cleaning.
    I'm thinking I need to blog this, so I will do that right now...


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