Saturday, October 31, 2009


Thank you, Bonnie and Angie, for your comments. I appreciated them very much.
And yes, Angie, I was thinking the very same thing: Thank the Lord I AM going to see the Heppners today!!!!!

I was thinking more on this last night and early this morning, and I was reminded of Wife to the Rockstar's post titled Inadequate.

I had left a comment on that post encouraging her (as a few of you have done, by phone, email, or on this blog) and in my comment I said something about "why is the cutting remark so much more hurtful than the many, many other positive comments are helpful?"
Do you understand what I am saying? It's like the hurtful things hurt more than the good things feel good.
(Such impressive grammatical structure, I know...)

Yesterday was a double whammy in a way because all four of those encounters not only attacked our conviction on family planning, but also our call to homeschool.
These two issues, while they do not define who we are, make up a large part of who we are.

I am convinced that yesterday was a total spiritual attack on our family.

God has been faithful to remind me of His promises and to show me, in the faces of our beautiful children, why we do what we do.

So, I am off this morning to a homeschool conference presented by the parents of 17 children. Perhaps I won't feel so ostracized there... *wink, wink*


  1. Please share what the Heppners had to say! I so desperately wanted to attend, but alas my sweet hubby needed to work and no childcare available.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I've been waiting until I found the right words to express my thoughts about what happened on Friday. S0---I joined a new women's Bible study this morning and guess what it was about--Becoming God's true Woman by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I thought of you the whole class time. We talked about how the world view of women has taken over even the Christian church and those who profess to be Bible Believing look down on women who choose to be moms and home educators. It's sad. God has very different plans for everyone {as we've talked about ;)} but being a mom, is the most Godly and natural role we can aspire to. If I had the ability to take away the hurtful words that were spoken to you and Dennis, I would. But all I can do is give you my encouragement and prayers!! Love Ya!! Diane K


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